New: Guest Facing Display

Guest Facing Display

Have you heard about the latest feature from MobileBytes? We’re introducing Guest Facing Display to merchants across the country.

What is Guest Facing Display?

We designed the Guest Facing Display specifically for restaurant customers. The display works in tandem with your MobileBytes POS system, showing guests a customer friendly version of what their cashier is doing. When a guest orders a meal, the display will show each item ordered with any additions or changes requested. The display also shows a running subtotal of the meal’s cost.

Once the order is complete, the guest interacts directly with the display to select a tip amount and sign the credit card receipt. Your guest then has the option of choosing to email, print or decline a receipt.

And, the entire process is customized to fit your brand.

What are the Benefits of Guest Facing Display?

One of the biggest benefits to the Guest Facing Display is an increase in order accuracy. Customers see their order as it is added into the system and can make changes if any items are incorrect.

In addition, the ability to sign credit card receipts on the screen and give customers a choice of whether they want a paper copy of their receipt saves time and paper.

Order Ahead for iPhone and Android

Order Ahead for iPhone and Android

We’re updating the already robust MobileBytes app with a new feature called Order Ahead.

The new feature allows guests to place an online order directly from the app on their mobile phone. This creates a faster, more intuitive in-app experience for restaurant guests who want to order from their mobile device rather than a computer.

For merchants, the update provides another way to interact with guests and take orders without tying up front of house resources.


The Order Ahead app saves recent and most frequent orders, simplifying the ordering process to only a few touches. In addition, Order Ahead lets guests automatically earn loyalty points at participating restaurants. Our loyalty system tracks of visits for you, giving restaurants an easy way to reward frequent guests.

Menu Updates

Order Ahead is tied directly into your POS and online ordering system. As a result, the app automatically reflects any updates made to your online ordering menu. For most restaurants, setting up the new feature takes only a few minutes and gives customers the ability to order from anywhere with an interface styled to fit your restaurant’s brand.

Payment Methods

As always, the MobileBytes app does not store customer’s credit card data. Instead, encrypted tokens ensure guests’ card data is secure. This allows a guest to reuse their credit card for future transactions without needing to re-enter their card number, thereby decreasing payment time to 10 seconds or less.

Introducing Scan-to-Pay


MobileBytes is launching a new mobile payment option for table service restaurants called Scan-to-Pay.

The experience

Imagine with me for a moment that you arrive at a restaurant with your phone in your pocket. iBeacon technology alerts the POS system that you’ve arrived and displays your guest information to the restaurant host.
The host taps your picture when you walk in the door and adds you to the waitlist with the touch of a button. Instead of being handed a large pager, you’re greeted by name and told your table will be ready shortly.

Without having to give the restaurant your phone number, you receive a text message when your table is ready. When the server comes to your table, they know your name, and your previous order history. “Would you like the Santa Fe Burger with no onions again today, or are you in the mood for something new?”
With the touch of a button, your favorite menu items are added to the check and customized just the way you like them.

Finally, when your server drops off your check, you don’t have to hand over your credit card or wait to pay your bill. You simply use your phone to scan the QR code printed on the bottom of your meal ticket, enter the amount you want to tip and pay the bill through your phone. The entire payment process takes less than 10-seconds and you are on your way out the door to enjoy the rest of your day.

This is not a futuristic restaurant experience. It’s Scan-to-Pay and it’s available to implement at your restaurant today.

The details

Scan-to-Pay is designed to help your restaurant turn tables faster while providing an improved and personalized customer experience.

At participating restaurants, Scan-to-Pay is even able to connect with your MobileBytes loyalty program. This gives guests the opportunity to automatically earn rewards after enough points have been accrued without having to enter separate information.

Once the guest has paid, the restaurant and server are immediately notified through their MobileBytes POS system.
Scan-to-Pay does not store your customer’s credit card data. Instead, encrypted tokens are used to make guests’ card data secure. This allows a guest to reuse their credit card for future transactions without needing to re-enter their card number.

The best part about Scan-to-Pay? It is included in MobileBytes powerful suite of features at no additional cost. Which means restaurants receive all of the benefits of mobile payment without the added cost of a third party mobile payments provider.

Affordable Self-Order Kiosks

Self Order Kiosks

MobileBytes is introducing a fully integrated kiosk ordering system independent restaurants can actually afford.
The Self-Order Kiosk app can be loaded onto stationary iPads anywhere in the restaurant. The deceptively simple kiosk software prompts customers through the ordering process and accepts credit card payments for orders.

“At the end of the day, we’re bringing powerful technology to restaurants of any size, and helping them improve their bottom lines,” says Dan Calderone, MobileBytes CEO. “You don’t have to be a large, national chain to be able to afford the benefits of kiosk ordering.”

Customers using Self-Order Kiosk can bypass counter lines for faster, more accurate order entry.
Completed orders are processed directly through the restaurant’s POS system, so kitchen staff can begin preparing the order immediately, saving time for both the customer and the restaurant.

Self-Order Kiosk is expected to be available for merchant use during the third quarter of 2017.